lørdag 23. januar 2010

Big Daddy

Hello I am Big Daddy, and I am a minipig. Not the smallest minipig in the world, but when you are a minipig of my amazing hugeness, honestly you need a big muscular corpus to frame it. Oh yes, and just let me say this at once, I really can recommend foraging to everyone who really wants to stay fit, like me!

When I  hear all the complaining from some of the other animals around here (I do not want to mention any names, but I would like to point a trotter in the direction of the cats, dogs and rabbits if you get my drift here) you should think it was an requirement to have a baaad and painful lifestory. Let me at once put you straight, you don’t! You just have to be lucky enough to be born a divine pig, like for instance, like well ME!

Before I arrived here I was a happy little pig, I spent all my time playing with the other piglets, eating and sleeping. Humans were only there to feed us and clean our barn, which was all. Actually we did not though humans were capable to anything more advanced than that.
Needless to say I wasn’t to happy at all when these two strange looking lumps (as we call humans) arrived and very unpleasant lifted me up and put me in a cat carrier, yes a cat carrier! Let there be no doubt wether I told them what I thought about it, I did, I most certainly did!

Then we arrived and I was the only pig there but I wasn’t alone, my new home was filled with all kind of strange looking lumps, which I soon learned was cats and dogs. My of my was my presence needed. I immediately started to befriend them all, even though I must admit the dogs could be really grumpy sometimes.

Life as only pig wasn’t to bad, but you know, watching the behaviour of the other living here, it honestly was like looking into a parallel universe. However much I tried to teach them it was obviously that none of them have the possibility to maximize the output of their brain capacity. Therefore I was very happy when a new cat carrier arrived and out from that one DJ sQuil arrived. It was finally somebody who understood me and actually lived in the real world. We have been together ever since and as the good pig DJ sQil is, he listen and do exactly as I tell him. Bless him he is actually rather cute.

Later on hens started to arrive as well. Like the others they don’t really live in the real world, but at least they have the same taste in food and foraging. Together we have used a lot of time foraging around and had a lot of fun doing so. Actually we have so much fun together that when the days started to be a little too cold for outdoor camping we decided to move in to the chick house. Off course in our very own apartment!

The years went, and our little condo actually shrinked, so we needed to find ourself someplace bigger. Not an easy quest, but by time we managed to come over a nice green cottaged than we moved to our new property. We now had our very own house, not even a hen. They do off course pay us visits rather so often, which is not really fare, as we have been loocked out from the henhouse. or heavens sake, we were desperate for food since we bothered to break in at al. 

Then the tradic arrived. DJ sQuil became sick. e would not eat, and his feet swelled up. One morning he started to bleed, a lot. In the afternoon he left me. I was devestated. My best friend had left me. Life was just so rotten. I hated it. I did not even eat. The only thing I wanted to do was mourn. Everybody tryed to lift my spirit, but to no avail, I was sad, and knew I would continue to be so. 

One day a new cat carrier arrived. Out from that the most naughty and annoying piglet arrived. I did not like it at all, but work had to be done, and it had to be done now. At least teaching him gave me something to do. He wasn't all bad either. is foraging skills was really good, and off course he said I was the coolest pig he knew. Yet again life become rather pleasant. I even let him move in with me. 

Then it happend again. It might not have been a good idea to break out an early Sunday in the hunting season to go eating in the hazelyard, but why on earth did they have to shoot him. Yet again I was devestated, but not only that. I hadn't been shot myself but trying to get back home I had an seriously incident. I twiseted a trotter and my forehead was ripped up. The pain was tremendous. My friend had left me, and what used to be my forehead was now hanging our my eye and snout. If it hadn't been for my isolation I would have died as well. For 7 weeks the wound had to be cleaned several times a day, before it gradually got less and less. Now I only have a scar left, but that is OK, that remind me of my good friend Mr. Gourgous who left me so early. 

That was it, I said I never wanted to get a new friend again. They only leave me I said. The silly humans did not listen. So one day yet another cat carrier arrived, and out of that Mr. Gorgous baby brother escaped. I did not want anything to do with him. I tried to avoid him as much as possible, but he was a stubborn one, so he kept trying to be my friend. So one day I decided to show him some of the ropes. Not beacause we would ever be friends, but beacause then at least he would learn to do thing the right way, my way. I am not sure how it happend, he is fare from ready with his education, but I have actually grown to like him. I have even let him move in with me. It was easier than listen to him begging, and afterall, the nights can be a bit chilly when you sleep alone. 

Next year we are getting a new piglet, I shall never be alone again, or so I hope. 

Life just isn't to bad. 

Favourite hobbies: Foraging, eating, teasing the dogs, foraging, eating, give a helping trotter wherever it is needed, foraging, eating, sleeping and did I mention foraging and eating?

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