torsdag 21. januar 2010


I am the Rooster. My job around here is to take care of all the hens. To be honest it is the dream job, and especially with my girls, which truly are the best chicks in the world. The truth is that I could not have done my jog with out the amazing support I get from my beloved chicks. You see I am a disabled rooster, as one of my legs stopped develop before the rest of my did. I also kind of get easily ill and therefore I am a frequent wing at the Maifrin Animal Sickbed Housing (MASH).

I arrived here together with 3 chicks, and we where the very first birds to arrive here at Maifrin. We where bought from a breeder that had been recommended from several other humans. This only shows that humans don’t know much.

I was so tired when I arrived here that I could hardly keep my eyes up and I felt rather bad to be honest. The human though this was a little strange, but since he had no experience with us bird she did not want to take any changes so she brought me to the vet. The vet said I was very ill indeed. Something about a nasty bacterial infection and being completely filled up with worms. Luckily the hens only suffered from worms! So I went into the MASH for my first time, but not the last. Because I did survive, but my health never got back to a 100%.

When my human went back to the breeder to complain and ask if he would like to take any responsible at al, the answer was a very clear “NO”. If she wanted to have chicks she had to learn that they got sick and died, and he also said the rooster was fine when he sold it. This wasn’t an option off course, as we where the first chicken there, and nobody could have passed it on to us there.

I don’t mind being disabled though, as it really doesn’t slow me down much. I love jumping around with my chicks and find tidbits for them to enjoy. Then I keep watch while they eat. Oh I love one and every one of them. They are my pride and joy. Did I mention that they are the most beautiful and most amazing chicks in the world?

Favourite hobby: watching my beautiful chicks and make sure they are well off, prune myself so I can look almost as good as my beautiful chicks, brag about how beautiful my chicks are to everyone who can hear it, and especially the rooster next door.

The Rooster has now left us. All his illnesses (all a result to a breeder to wich money were more important than the welfare of his animals) did in the end result to his all to early death.

He might have had a short life, but my did he do the best out of it. The Roosters spirit will always be with us and an insperation to us all.

Thank you for letting us get to know you!

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