fredag 11. juni 2010


Hello, I am Red.

I am a Rosella parrot of eastern direction, or was it western. I get so bored when it comes to really unimportant details like that. What matters is that I have a huge personality that is a perfect fit for my perfect body.

I just moved into the Maifrin Tribe, where I have my own house in the living room area.

I like my home, I actually like it so much that I refuse to ever leave it.

Sometimes I feel for getting out, but I make sure my home comes with me, as you should never leave your home unattended I think.

Some individuals might find it boring to sit at home all day, but I totally disagree, I love it, and I use the time to tell stories to everyone who want to listen, and if nobody is around to listen, I practice for the next time I have an audience.

I am happy with my life.

Mrs & Mr Flower

We are Mr. Mrs Flower. Like most of the inhabitants with wings here, also we did arrive from an OK breeder. So neither we can give you a tear wrenching story about our life before we got here. You know, not like the cats, dogs and the rabbit that run after you and keep you down when they insist on telling you about “my poor poor lifestory”.

Than again, we have another story for you. We have been the victims of an arranged marriage. Let us tell you, that has cost a lot of tears and frustration. Some may think we were the perfect match just because we belong to the same splendid chicken raze, yes, the Americano. Off course that gives us some joined interests, but let us tell you, it doesn’t mean it was love at first sight. We are both very good looking, but beside that…

Let us tell you we have had more than one consultation at the marriage therapist. Myself I am a modern woman that likes to have my own career and I think both partners should support each other and both equally take responsibility for the home. My husband …. Well.. he only believes in looking good and flirt seriously with the ladies.

Anyway these days we have both agreed that he has some faults and that we both just get used to them. After we agreed on that life has become much more pleasant. Not that he has corrected all his faults, but he is at least aware of them, and let me do my business.

Life could be better but it could be worse as well.

Gold & Bronze

We are Gold, Bronze, Brass, Copper & D'Oro and we are nothing less than golden liverno hens. We live perfectly up to our names as well.

We belong to the luckier inhabitants here at Maifrin, as we didn’t have a bad story before we got her. We were born at what you human call a serious breeder and had everything we needed from day one. We might not have had a mum, but yes we had everything else.

One day these humans and dogs arrived and the next thing we were in boxes travelling in a car. Finally we stopped and we where here at Casa Maifrin.

Here we moved into the henhouse with a lot of other rather strange looking chicks, but hey, these chicks was cool, and learned us how to go for long walks around the property and forage for all that yummy food. We also very fast learned to stay close to our good friends Big Daddy and DJ sQuil, as there is always food around them.

So here we are, foraging as much as we want, and if we get a little tired we just walk back to the henhouse and eat the food left for us there.

Life is good, we like life.

DJ sQuil

Hey, I am DJ sQuil and I am a proper minipig, or a Vietnamese potbellied pig. Not like that big black blob known as Big Daddy.

I am a tiny petit and very cuddly black pig, and my only problem is that there is just to little food in this world.

Like Big Daddy I arrived here from a small pig farm. I didn’t have much experience with humans, and cats and dogs was completely new for me. The natural shy me was a little worried about all these changes. After all I had until than had a ball time with my mother and sister.

Luckily for me Big Daddy had been here for some week all ready, and had managed to train everybody quit well. He soon showed me the ropes. Actually I really adore Big Daddy, he is my best mate and more like a brother to me, but hey, he could learn to share a little bit of his food. He likes to keep I all for himself.

I soon realized that we pigs live in the real universe and that everybody else live in a parallel universe next to us. Therefore they don’t always understand us pigs and our needs. For instance we do not get enough food, I am hungry all the time. Still if you are very patient with them, they sometimes get what you need, and you get some food. Not enough off course, but you get some food.

Right after I arrived the hens arrived as well. Finally some that really understood us pigs. We worked together, and when the weather got cold we left our self constructed summer house (I say our, but let there be no doubt, I was the architect and the hard worker) and moved into a ready build condo in the henhouse. That has worked out swell, and the chick food is actually good food.

No I have to leave you, because you might not know this, but I am one hungry pig, and I need to get myself something to eat now.

EH could you please send some food to a little but very hungry pig?


I was offered a position as a chief dog here at Maifrin in 2009. They were so desperate that my good heart just could not turn them down.
To be honest, even though it is hard work, and turning this place into a dog runned place take a little longer than I first though (OK, a lot) I like it here, and it is the best place I have ever lived.

I am somewhere between 2-4 years. Somewhere in my best age I say.

My life didn’t start that good, and I don’t like to think too much about it.
Maybe I was chained to a short leash and had to beg for everything, and maybe I was hit rather a lot, but this is in the past now. Today I don’t panic when people touch my collar or my ribs. I realize that I don’t have to fight for my food anymore, and that actually not all food is my food (but that is still a little difficult, I just have their very best in my mind, as I want them to keep fit). What I still can’t handle tough, are male humans with a naked upper body. I am sorry but then I just can’t keep the panic in bay.

One day I managed to get away, I do not recall the details I am afraid, so I don’t know if I escaped or if they tried to kill me by shooting. Maybe that was two different episodes, I don’t know and I don’t really care. The important thing is that I got away.

I was hit by a car, and yes I was hurt rather badly. I went to hide myself so I would bee safe. But some human found me after a couple of days. That was a very strange experience, because this was kind humans. This was a completely new experience for me. They brought me to a vet, and this vet treated me. I soon felt better. Still my tail went limb, and the the vets have told me that when I get older they most likely have to remove it, in the meantime and I happy with it as it is.

After I got better I was transferred to a very nice dog shelter. I moved into an apartment with a nice older fellow and when I was not there I was down by the river having a bath. I played with the other dogs and life had never been better.

One day this old dog and one of his human appeared. They wanted to interview me for the position as Chief Dog. They interviewed several candidates, but off course I was the best one. After several conversations we agreed that I should move in and start the work.

I arrived here at Maifrin, and I liked it. There was no doubt, this was my new home. I have decided that I am going to stay here for the rest of my life, and in the meantime I am working on some small improvements. Like dogs should be the boss of everything. Chickens need to be herded. Etc etc etc. In the meantime, life is good.

Many years have gone since my last update. I am now 7 or 8 years old but still fit as a fiddle. Well, if you overlook the athrites in my back area and a knee acting up ever so often. My tail is still here, so I am a happy camper. 

I know work harder than ever. Beauty has become totally senile, and watching over him takes so much time that I have actually got myself an assistent. Vagabond moved in almost a year ago. He is annoying most of the time, always just want to goof around, but he is good with Beauty and know how to herd the geese, so I kind of like him a bit as well. 

Still going strong, and planning to continue to do just so!! 


La Seniora

Hello I am La Seniora and I am a retired street cat.

As a retired street cat I have been around the block more times that I really care to remember, and I have been there and done that and that and that and that. Oh yes and that and that. What can I say; I have a long life experience, and until recently I had no problems taking care of myself.

Together with my brother Café we ruled the street next to the local bar. We were young, we were smart and actually quit lucky for street cats. Because the family who run the bare made sure we had food, and we used their huge garage and backyard as our shelter. So we weren’t that hungry and we didn’t freeze to much either. Whenever we got tired we just cuddled up next to each other. Actually life wasn’t at all bad when we were young.

Unfortunately we grew older. Nature can be cruel that way. Suddenly we did not run that fast any more. Jumping to safety got harder for every time and the heat in the summers got even warmer and the cold winter really froze up. Still Café and I were happy the way we where.

My teeth started to fell out. Eating wasn’t that easy anymore. Some other cats even tried to take over our property. We fought back, but this got harder as well.

Café got ill. I took care of him as best as I could. Together we still managed to keep it going, but it wasn’t easy anymore. Café got more and more sick. Something about his pancrites I was told. And humans that like to measure everything in years said we were old cats, more than 10 years old, so they said it didn’t look good for him.

The hottest summer I can remember arrived. It was to hot for Café. He didn’t manage to fight both his old age, illness and the heat. He fell asleep for the very last time.

I was alone; my best friend had left me. Life wasn’t the same without him, but I kept going. I missed him so much, but life goes on.

After the hottest summer arrived the coldest winter. What happened? I don’t know. When I woke up in the hospital I was filled with frostbites all over my body, even a part of my tong fell off. Most of my claws had also broken off. The worst thing though was that my sight had left me as well. I had become blind!

The vets told me that I had been found one morning after one of the coldest night in local history. I had been found almost frozen to ice in a bucket of spilled wine from the bar. They hadn’t thought I would be able to survive. They said I was more dead than alive and almost frozen stiff.

The vets said that my loss of sight was the result of a trauma to my brain. Whether I fell in the bucket due to the loss of my sight or if I lost my sight as a result of the accident, I will never know.

The Vets said I could never return to my beloved street. They were very kind to me though, and offered me to stay with them in their clinic. It was a really tempting offer, and I would have taken it, if it wasn’t for the other offer I got, to move into the Maifrin Retirement home for proud animals. It might not be vets there, but I would be able to walk around more freely and get to sleep as much as I would on human laps. Yes, I who before always had fought with everything I had when these humans tried to lift me had suddenly become a lapcat. So I moved to Maifrin.

Today I never go outdoors, but I have a big house I can roam around in. Not that I roam to much as that would seriously interfere with my new interest in doing nothing but sleeping, eating and getting cuddled. I am retired now, and that suites me just fine.

Oh yes, and the best thing of all. Some of my eyesight has returned! Am I a lucky cat or not?

lørdag 23. januar 2010

Big Daddy

Hello I am Big Daddy, and I am a minipig. Not the smallest minipig in the world, but when you are a minipig of my amazing hugeness, honestly you need a big muscular corpus to frame it. Oh yes, and just let me say this at once, I really can recommend foraging to everyone who really wants to stay fit, like me!

When I  hear all the complaining from some of the other animals around here (I do not want to mention any names, but I would like to point a trotter in the direction of the cats, dogs and rabbits if you get my drift here) you should think it was an requirement to have a baaad and painful lifestory. Let me at once put you straight, you don’t! You just have to be lucky enough to be born a divine pig, like for instance, like well ME!

Before I arrived here I was a happy little pig, I spent all my time playing with the other piglets, eating and sleeping. Humans were only there to feed us and clean our barn, which was all. Actually we did not though humans were capable to anything more advanced than that.
Needless to say I wasn’t to happy at all when these two strange looking lumps (as we call humans) arrived and very unpleasant lifted me up and put me in a cat carrier, yes a cat carrier! Let there be no doubt wether I told them what I thought about it, I did, I most certainly did!

Then we arrived and I was the only pig there but I wasn’t alone, my new home was filled with all kind of strange looking lumps, which I soon learned was cats and dogs. My of my was my presence needed. I immediately started to befriend them all, even though I must admit the dogs could be really grumpy sometimes.

Life as only pig wasn’t to bad, but you know, watching the behaviour of the other living here, it honestly was like looking into a parallel universe. However much I tried to teach them it was obviously that none of them have the possibility to maximize the output of their brain capacity. Therefore I was very happy when a new cat carrier arrived and out from that one DJ sQuil arrived. It was finally somebody who understood me and actually lived in the real world. We have been together ever since and as the good pig DJ sQil is, he listen and do exactly as I tell him. Bless him he is actually rather cute.

Later on hens started to arrive as well. Like the others they don’t really live in the real world, but at least they have the same taste in food and foraging. Together we have used a lot of time foraging around and had a lot of fun doing so. Actually we have so much fun together that when the days started to be a little too cold for outdoor camping we decided to move in to the chick house. Off course in our very own apartment!

The years went, and our little condo actually shrinked, so we needed to find ourself someplace bigger. Not an easy quest, but by time we managed to come over a nice green cottaged than we moved to our new property. We now had our very own house, not even a hen. They do off course pay us visits rather so often, which is not really fare, as we have been loocked out from the henhouse. or heavens sake, we were desperate for food since we bothered to break in at al. 

Then the tradic arrived. DJ sQuil became sick. e would not eat, and his feet swelled up. One morning he started to bleed, a lot. In the afternoon he left me. I was devestated. My best friend had left me. Life was just so rotten. I hated it. I did not even eat. The only thing I wanted to do was mourn. Everybody tryed to lift my spirit, but to no avail, I was sad, and knew I would continue to be so. 

One day a new cat carrier arrived. Out from that the most naughty and annoying piglet arrived. I did not like it at all, but work had to be done, and it had to be done now. At least teaching him gave me something to do. He wasn't all bad either. is foraging skills was really good, and off course he said I was the coolest pig he knew. Yet again life become rather pleasant. I even let him move in with me. 

Then it happend again. It might not have been a good idea to break out an early Sunday in the hunting season to go eating in the hazelyard, but why on earth did they have to shoot him. Yet again I was devestated, but not only that. I hadn't been shot myself but trying to get back home I had an seriously incident. I twiseted a trotter and my forehead was ripped up. The pain was tremendous. My friend had left me, and what used to be my forehead was now hanging our my eye and snout. If it hadn't been for my isolation I would have died as well. For 7 weeks the wound had to be cleaned several times a day, before it gradually got less and less. Now I only have a scar left, but that is OK, that remind me of my good friend Mr. Gourgous who left me so early. 

That was it, I said I never wanted to get a new friend again. They only leave me I said. The silly humans did not listen. So one day yet another cat carrier arrived, and out of that Mr. Gorgous baby brother escaped. I did not want anything to do with him. I tried to avoid him as much as possible, but he was a stubborn one, so he kept trying to be my friend. So one day I decided to show him some of the ropes. Not beacause we would ever be friends, but beacause then at least he would learn to do thing the right way, my way. I am not sure how it happend, he is fare from ready with his education, but I have actually grown to like him. I have even let him move in with me. It was easier than listen to him begging, and afterall, the nights can be a bit chilly when you sleep alone. 

Next year we are getting a new piglet, I shall never be alone again, or so I hope. 

Life just isn't to bad. 

Favourite hobbies: Foraging, eating, teasing the dogs, foraging, eating, give a helping trotter wherever it is needed, foraging, eating, sleeping and did I mention foraging and eating?