fredag 11. juni 2010


La Seniora

Hello I am La Seniora and I am a retired street cat.

As a retired street cat I have been around the block more times that I really care to remember, and I have been there and done that and that and that and that. Oh yes and that and that. What can I say; I have a long life experience, and until recently I had no problems taking care of myself.

Together with my brother Café we ruled the street next to the local bar. We were young, we were smart and actually quit lucky for street cats. Because the family who run the bare made sure we had food, and we used their huge garage and backyard as our shelter. So we weren’t that hungry and we didn’t freeze to much either. Whenever we got tired we just cuddled up next to each other. Actually life wasn’t at all bad when we were young.

Unfortunately we grew older. Nature can be cruel that way. Suddenly we did not run that fast any more. Jumping to safety got harder for every time and the heat in the summers got even warmer and the cold winter really froze up. Still Café and I were happy the way we where.

My teeth started to fell out. Eating wasn’t that easy anymore. Some other cats even tried to take over our property. We fought back, but this got harder as well.

Café got ill. I took care of him as best as I could. Together we still managed to keep it going, but it wasn’t easy anymore. Café got more and more sick. Something about his pancrites I was told. And humans that like to measure everything in years said we were old cats, more than 10 years old, so they said it didn’t look good for him.

The hottest summer I can remember arrived. It was to hot for Café. He didn’t manage to fight both his old age, illness and the heat. He fell asleep for the very last time.

I was alone; my best friend had left me. Life wasn’t the same without him, but I kept going. I missed him so much, but life goes on.

After the hottest summer arrived the coldest winter. What happened? I don’t know. When I woke up in the hospital I was filled with frostbites all over my body, even a part of my tong fell off. Most of my claws had also broken off. The worst thing though was that my sight had left me as well. I had become blind!

The vets told me that I had been found one morning after one of the coldest night in local history. I had been found almost frozen to ice in a bucket of spilled wine from the bar. They hadn’t thought I would be able to survive. They said I was more dead than alive and almost frozen stiff.

The vets said that my loss of sight was the result of a trauma to my brain. Whether I fell in the bucket due to the loss of my sight or if I lost my sight as a result of the accident, I will never know.

The Vets said I could never return to my beloved street. They were very kind to me though, and offered me to stay with them in their clinic. It was a really tempting offer, and I would have taken it, if it wasn’t for the other offer I got, to move into the Maifrin Retirement home for proud animals. It might not be vets there, but I would be able to walk around more freely and get to sleep as much as I would on human laps. Yes, I who before always had fought with everything I had when these humans tried to lift me had suddenly become a lapcat. So I moved to Maifrin.

Today I never go outdoors, but I have a big house I can roam around in. Not that I roam to much as that would seriously interfere with my new interest in doing nothing but sleeping, eating and getting cuddled. I am retired now, and that suites me just fine.

Oh yes, and the best thing of all. Some of my eyesight has returned! Am I a lucky cat or not?

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