fredag 11. juni 2010

DJ sQuil

Hey, I am DJ sQuil and I am a proper minipig, or a Vietnamese potbellied pig. Not like that big black blob known as Big Daddy.

I am a tiny petit and very cuddly black pig, and my only problem is that there is just to little food in this world.

Like Big Daddy I arrived here from a small pig farm. I didn’t have much experience with humans, and cats and dogs was completely new for me. The natural shy me was a little worried about all these changes. After all I had until than had a ball time with my mother and sister.

Luckily for me Big Daddy had been here for some week all ready, and had managed to train everybody quit well. He soon showed me the ropes. Actually I really adore Big Daddy, he is my best mate and more like a brother to me, but hey, he could learn to share a little bit of his food. He likes to keep I all for himself.

I soon realized that we pigs live in the real universe and that everybody else live in a parallel universe next to us. Therefore they don’t always understand us pigs and our needs. For instance we do not get enough food, I am hungry all the time. Still if you are very patient with them, they sometimes get what you need, and you get some food. Not enough off course, but you get some food.

Right after I arrived the hens arrived as well. Finally some that really understood us pigs. We worked together, and when the weather got cold we left our self constructed summer house (I say our, but let there be no doubt, I was the architect and the hard worker) and moved into a ready build condo in the henhouse. That has worked out swell, and the chick food is actually good food.

No I have to leave you, because you might not know this, but I am one hungry pig, and I need to get myself something to eat now.

EH could you please send some food to a little but very hungry pig?

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