fredag 11. juni 2010


Hello, I am Red.

I am a Rosella parrot of eastern direction, or was it western. I get so bored when it comes to really unimportant details like that. What matters is that I have a huge personality that is a perfect fit for my perfect body.

I just moved into the Maifrin Tribe, where I have my own house in the living room area.

I like my home, I actually like it so much that I refuse to ever leave it.

Sometimes I feel for getting out, but I make sure my home comes with me, as you should never leave your home unattended I think.

Some individuals might find it boring to sit at home all day, but I totally disagree, I love it, and I use the time to tell stories to everyone who want to listen, and if nobody is around to listen, I practice for the next time I have an audience.

I am happy with my life.

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