fredag 11. juni 2010

Gold & Bronze

We are Gold, Bronze, Brass, Copper & D'Oro and we are nothing less than golden liverno hens. We live perfectly up to our names as well.

We belong to the luckier inhabitants here at Maifrin, as we didn’t have a bad story before we got her. We were born at what you human call a serious breeder and had everything we needed from day one. We might not have had a mum, but yes we had everything else.

One day these humans and dogs arrived and the next thing we were in boxes travelling in a car. Finally we stopped and we where here at Casa Maifrin.

Here we moved into the henhouse with a lot of other rather strange looking chicks, but hey, these chicks was cool, and learned us how to go for long walks around the property and forage for all that yummy food. We also very fast learned to stay close to our good friends Big Daddy and DJ sQuil, as there is always food around them.

So here we are, foraging as much as we want, and if we get a little tired we just walk back to the henhouse and eat the food left for us there.

Life is good, we like life.

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