fredag 11. juni 2010

Mrs & Mr Flower

We are Mr. Mrs Flower. Like most of the inhabitants with wings here, also we did arrive from an OK breeder. So neither we can give you a tear wrenching story about our life before we got here. You know, not like the cats, dogs and the rabbit that run after you and keep you down when they insist on telling you about “my poor poor lifestory”.

Than again, we have another story for you. We have been the victims of an arranged marriage. Let us tell you, that has cost a lot of tears and frustration. Some may think we were the perfect match just because we belong to the same splendid chicken raze, yes, the Americano. Off course that gives us some joined interests, but let us tell you, it doesn’t mean it was love at first sight. We are both very good looking, but beside that…

Let us tell you we have had more than one consultation at the marriage therapist. Myself I am a modern woman that likes to have my own career and I think both partners should support each other and both equally take responsibility for the home. My husband …. Well.. he only believes in looking good and flirt seriously with the ladies.

Anyway these days we have both agreed that he has some faults and that we both just get used to them. After we agreed on that life has become much more pleasant. Not that he has corrected all his faults, but he is at least aware of them, and let me do my business.

Life could be better but it could be worse as well.

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