onsdag 20. januar 2010



I am Snow, the rabbit around here. I was the last one to move in, and it was a good thing I was free, for may was my services as a rabbit needed.

I am about 2 years old, but I have only lived here for a couple of month. The reason for this is because I used to live somewhere else. I think I use to live with some people, but I am not sure, because I never saw them. I spent my time being bored in my cage, and that I did day in and day out. You may say I was bored. Always being alone wasn’t the best solution for a social rabbit like me.

One day got tired of feeding me the odd meal, so the humans took me out of my cage and placed me in a road. I was so confused! I didn’t know what to do! I had spent my whole life in a cage, and suddenly I had to fend for myself. How where I suppose to do that?

Luckily somebody saw my, and before I knew it I was on the way to the local vets. They checked me out, but luckily for me I was not hurt from being dumped. They called me beautiful though, which is true, I think.

The vets called these humans they knew. They had a lot of animals, but no rabbits to look after. The vets meant that was wrong and that I would fit right in. The vets were right off course, and I was picked up by my new humans the next morning.

My new home was a big cage in the living room. They called me and I grew more and more beautiful after all my fur mats (I am an angora rabbit) was removed and my never before cut claws was well, cut. They were cut by more than half and still they are couple of cm long.

In the beginning I found the cats a little scary, but as soon as I realized that they didn’t want to hunt me in anyway I stared to charm them. I must admit this is a work in progress, strangely enough.

Now I think I am a lucky rabbit, and I only jump by my cage to eat. The rest of the day I spend jumping around, but only indoors. If I need a rest, and I do that a lot, I just sneak under the human’s bed. Today my life is far from boring and I love it.

Favourite hobbies: Hiding under the bed, lifting things.

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