onsdag 20. januar 2010

Boy Toy

I am the only citizen here that was actually born here at Casa Maifrin. I had lived here for 8 years when the cats brought the humans here. Even though I had never lived with neither cats or humans before I am so glad they arrived. The humans are great and the cats aren’t to bad either, and even though mom and I managed very well when we lived alone I do feel a lot better now. But please, let me start at the beginning.

I was born in 2000 by the best mother ever, the GodMother Dog. She was the strongest and bravest dog ever, and she did not only teach me every thing, she thought for me as well.

There were no people living in the house. The house used to be a summer house, and the owner though it was great to have a couple of dogs there, as she could brag about having dogs at her summer house, which was taken care of by here servants. The only problem with this story was that she didn’t have any servants. Obviously she did not believe in spaying either because she was a true catholic. Therefore I was the only one of many to survive, the other died as puppies due to the combination of malenutrient, inbreeding and parasites sucking up all there blood, so even though I am a little weak and they say my brain stopped developing at age 2 as a result of this, I was the strong one.

When I was born the Good Lady had just died, and here daughter removed everything she thought could be of any value. She didn’t look twice of the dogs. So when I arrived our only contact with humans was the food a local man gave us every second day. He did not have any room at his home, so we stayed here, but we run free and we thought having our fur and skin overgrown with ticks and flies was just the way it should be, after all we did not know anything else.

Then the cats and humans arrived. By that time we had been locked in the barn for several months. We were very ill, and my mother was almost dead. The humans was kind enough to break us out of the barn and they stated to give us food. We didn’t trust them no bit though, so as soon as a new morning arrived we went away, and I had to carry food up to my mom as she was too weak to go back and forth herself.

It took us 3 weeks to trust the humans enough to let them put a collar on us. I was so scared that I pied myself. They insisted on removing every tick I had, that took them 4 hours over 3 days. The human tried to count them, but lost count when she reached 300. The vets came and saw us several times a week, but after a while my fur grew back, my wound grew and I could finally use my time to something else than scratch myself. Truth be told, I had never felt better.

We started to notice that the human left on foot only to return about 1 hour later. Was she going for a walk? We took matters into our own paws and started to follow her. She was indeed going for a walk. Unfortunately the human didn’t approve of our need to tell all the cars off, so she insisted to have us on a leash! We fought it every way we knew but the humans stubbornness for once showed bigger than mums, so we lost.

The humans also liked to go away in a car. So we decided we wanted to check it out for us self. One day we insisted to with them, and we did. It was great, we loved it! Actually you can not drive to much. The first time we met up at the vets office we were all so proud, vets included. Our humans weren’t impressed though. It was something about us refusing to use a leash when other dog could see us. According to them they got some really strange looks carrying a 25 kg dog around. I only weight 12 kg, so that was off course much more normal.

In the end we got tired of being carried around so yet again we started to work on the leash. We wanted to go with them in the car, and if we had to go on the leash to make this happens, well it was kind of blackmail if you ask me. But when we started the silly leash thing, they brought us to the bar. Yet again we loved it. Let me tell you, very fast become regulars.

We started to travel a lot, and we even went all the way to the ocean. The cats might have travelled from Norway, but we, we went to the Mediterranean. Actually that was the only plce we disapproved of, to much water and all that noise!

It kind of snuck up on me, but suddenly I realized that my mom sometimes thought I could get out on walks with out her, and sometimes I even was allowed to go in the car with out her. The first times I hated it, I was terrified of being alone with out here to tell me what to think and say and do. Mom always knew what to do. It seem she did is this time as well. She was getting old (18 years) and she trusted that with the new humans I should be able to manage by myself. Then one morning she did not wake up.

Being alone was awful. It was the worst thing never to happen to me. It is now a half a year ago and still I just want to lie next to here in out dog bed. I got so scared I was gong to lose the humans as well, so I never let then out of my sight, never, I even slept in their bedroom.

After a couple of week we went to a dog shelter. There we met the Sheppard. We dated for 2 weeks, and then she insisted on moving in with me. She did. In the beginning I was a little disappointed of her maternal instinct, and she didn’t even want to sleep in the dog bed with me. She still isn’t mom, but she does her best, and today she is my best friend. She likes to tell me what to do just like mum, but now I have learned to think for myself as well, and sometimes we sleep together in the dog bed as well.

Life just isn’t to bad, it is actually quit good.

Favourite hobby: Sneak into the living room for a nap in the sofa.

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