torsdag 21. januar 2010


Hello! I am Confidenza and I am proud to be a chick!

I was the first hen to arrive here, and therefore I feel obligated to be the chief hen. Somebody has to teach the new ones the ropes, right?

As a child I grew up at the same breeder as the Rooster. It wasn’t exactly free range, but spite the so-called breeder I managed to keep healthy. You can say the combination of luck and luck really worked out for me.

When we got here we were allowed to go where we wanted. Whaw that was great. We even got to fly! Several times a day we therefore went up to the old hayloft and one day I flew and flew, almost 10 m. JUHUUUU! It was fun. Off course now that I am a little older I am more relaxed, but I still take the occasional flight.

Off course I am the Roosters right wing, so to help him out I make it my business to be everywhere something is happening. That way I can let him know as soon as something is happening, you know like the pigs getting fed or such.

Favourite hobby: Laying eggs, and just not average egg, but the special on of the kind type!

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