onsdag 20. januar 2010


One day my brother and I left our mom to live with this man. He told our mom that he loved animals and loved cats. He just forgot to put in the word abuse. He should have said he loved to abuse animals and he loved to abuse cats. Living with him was not good, it was a true nightmare actually. Luckily for my brother and me he got tired of us, so he dumped us at the street, and moved. Left on the door was a sign saying “Thanks, but I have moved on”.
My brother was great and took good care of me. He was so brave! But after 6 weeks on the streets we where trapped, and brought into a cat shelter.
My brother thought this was great, actually he thought this was the greatest thing he had ever experienced, and the day he got adopted I think he was actually a little bit sad.

I didn’t handle it as well as my brother, as I am a natural shy and timid girl. So I hid under a kitchen counter and refused to leave it, even to eat. So while all the other cats where having a ball playing around, I though the only safe place was under the kitchen counter. I thought that if nobody saw me they would leave me there, and there I was safe.
Actually I was so scared that the humans started to talk about that I maybe would be better off. Better off me? I knew what that meant, so I had no choice but to leave the kitchen counter. Off course I knew all the hiding places and I put the line if somebody wanted to lift me, but otherwise it actually was funnier than living under the kitchen counter.

Then one day I was moved again, and brought to the home of the Model and the Chief. Let me tell you that was one big job for me. Coming into a playboy nest like that. I needed to get things under control as soon as possible. Which I off course did. The humans was a little worse, but the male human did see me before I have stayed there for 6 month, what ever he is saying. I am also quit sure that I was on their lap at least several times.

Then the offer about moving to Italy arrived and since I haven’t got the same problem with the vets and driving as the other, I had no problem accepting.

Italy was great, just what I needed. It is actually so great that I started to let the humans cuddle me on places that were totally secure, after a year I also let them touch me at safe places outdoors. Then a year ago I jumped up on the female humans lap, and I have stayed there everafter. After all I had 4 year with missing cuddles to get back, and I want to do it as fast as possible.

Favourite hobby: Cuddle up at a lap!

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  1. Dearest Pia - our very own primadonna! I have reread your lifestory, and it is as touching now as ever before. thank you for sharing. So nice that you finallly have the time to get cuddled, as your beautiful fur must have meant to be shared for us - the unfortunates ones.