onsdag 20. januar 2010

The Chief

I am the Chief, and as the name say, I am the Chief Cat around here. You do off course know that being a Chief Cat means that you are the big boss of everyone and everything. I am a natural at that, and as all good bosses I know it all is in the delegating. I delegate a lot. Still all the responsibility is with me and that is something I take very seriously.

When I was little I moved in with a human lady. She played with me all the time and I was so found of here. She was my life and we where having a ball. The weeks went on and the lady played and played. Than one day she started talking about me being to big and that I was no fun anymore. Tried my best, but nothing I did seem to please here anymore.

One day she brought me to the vet and said she wanted to put me to sleep, as she could not be bothered with me anymore. The vet did not understand, as she said I was a wonderful cat, but the lady insisted. The vet didn’t want to put me to sleep though, so took me over and I got a place at a cat shelter.

Suddenly I was one of many cats. I was treated well, but I missed being just the lady and me. I got depressed. I spent the days just lying there and nothing could share me up. Actually I was so depressed that I let one of the female cat bully me.

Than one day I was put in a cat carrier and this lady open the box and said: “OH MY! He looks great, but are you sure he really is a cat, he is huge!” The cat shelter lady said that was because I was half main coon. Then she took me to this home where the only other cat was the Model. There I met this male human and he said: “OH MY! He looks great, but are you sure he really is a cat, he is huge!”

Even though it was over a year since the first lady left me at the vet, I was still very unsecure and spent most of my first weeks behind the television. But than it was the Model, he was in that very annoying teenager cat age and had this idea that he should be the boss of us. I just had to put him right! Soon I hadn’t time to be behind the television anymore.

I really started to enjoy life again. I had a lot of fun and the humans were actually OK and almost understood all of my needs. I decided them to actually be trustworthy. I was shocked when they one day just disappeared and left us with our first sub-human. The sub-human lived with us and treated us very well, but still I got a flash back and got depressed and refused to eat. But the surprise was that they actually came back to me! So the next time we had the sub-humans staying, I ate, knowing they actually would come back. Off course they should stay home all of the time.

Other fostercats come and left, but the Model and I stayed on. Then the Primadonna arrived as well. She made me look like the most self secure cat ever! Well eh the Model doesn’t really count, his self secure is beyond this world anyway.

One day the humans said they had bought a house in Italy. It was bigger, and had a lot of property outside as well. Would we like to join them or would we like to go back to the cat shelter? Even though going with meant a lot of visits to the vets and even more driving exercise before a 2 days trip in the car, we decided to go with. We haven’t regretted that for a moment.

Our home here in Italy is great. To be honest it could be bigger, but nothing is purrfect. The 2 dogs the GodMother and the Boy Toy was a small dissapoinment, but I delegated the dog responsible to the Model and that was the right thing to do, and he soon had them under control. Long before the humans had them under control actually.

Today I spend my days trekking and checking out if all of my citizens handle their small responsibilities. In between this I enjoy a nap or a small drink of water. If I have some spare time I used it to impress the Primadonna, unfortunately she is not easily impressed, but I am not giving up.

My favourite hobbies: Bossing everybody around, especially the humans, sleeping, drinking, flirting with the Primadonna, and trekking.

Lupus the Chief Cat has now left us. He fought long and hard, but in the end he lost his figh against CRF (Cronic Renal Failure). This is a cruel illness stealing a cats life gradually, and in the end there is nothing left but an empty shell. Some cats can live with this decease for years, but there is no cure. Lupus managed a little more than a year after it was first discovered, but he had to fight for that year.

We would like to thank Lupus for the 6,5 year we had together. Those were great, and we miss you dreadfully, but we know you had to leave us.

Nighty nighty Lupus, sleep tight and dream sweet!

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  1. I miss you very much Chief Cat and think of you often.